CALSA hosts annual professional development events and conferences each year for educators throughout California. Visit the events pages below for more information.

Summer Institute »

CALSA Summer Institute (SI) will provide a venue for educational leaders to access solutions and strategies necessary to address the needs of all students, but with special emphasis on Latino/a students. The SI will continue to promote CALSA’s values of mentoring, advocacy, networking, leadership development and Familia through the high impact program of activities scheduled.

Focus On Results »

The Focus On Results symposium was established in 2006 to provide a unique venue for educational leaders to influence the development, refinement, and delivery of products and services impacting educational settings where Latino children are enrolled. Participants are assigned to a panel with a minimum of five other administrators in a focus group setting to help with market research. These are not sales presentations, but collaborations to assist companies in fine tuning their program and services development.

Conclaves »

CALSA is holds these conclaves each year to provide an effective education for Latino students—including Latino English learners (ELs) is more critical than ever to their future and to California’s social and economic health. The conclave this year will focus on this crucial issue and provide participants with information on how to help achieve this goal.