The California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators has been in existence since 1989 and members include Superintendents and administrators from throughout California. The California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators is a professional association that advocates for the continued development and placement of Latino educational leaders who are committed to quality public education. CALSA’s purpose is to promote leadership, unity, and mentorship for educators.

The opportunity to become a member of CALSA offers many benefits. Listed below are a few of those benefits available to you when you join the association.

Leadership Development

Meeting individual and professional growth needs through research-based seminars and institutes, conferences, and networking opportunities.

Mentoring Opportunities

Supporting fellow members with timely and expert information, advice and/or guiding questions that would support CALSA members who are fairly new to an administrative position, or who are seeking a new administrative position.

Networking with colleagues

Promotion of educational excellence through networking with other school leaders to share ideas and discuss strategies; members generate enthusiasm for their profession from this interaction and encourage colleagues to maintain a personal commitment to leadership.

Job Assistance

Job-posting service for superintendent, central office, administrator, and professional support staff vacancies.

Legislative Advocacy

Representation in the state’s legislative and public policy process on issues critical to school districts and the children they serve.

Reduced Fees

Discounts to CALSA workshops, conferences, seminars, and institutes for school administrators.

  • Access to California’s Best Mentoring Program

  • Free Financial Planning and Legal Services

  • Access to and Discounts on Educational and Cultural Summits Around the World

  • Access to and Discounts on Academic Conclaves and Best Practices for English Learners

  • Quarterly Newsletters and Information Education Issues

  • Access to Career Advice and Advancement

  • Tuition Reductions and Special Offers from The National Hispanic University