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A message from CALSA President Dr. Jacqueline Perez

CALSA’s Board and I would like to express gratitude to Dr. David J. Verdugo for his dedicated service to CALSA and our members.  Under his direction, CALSA has grown, attained so many accomplishments, built strategic relationships, and is positioned for continued success.  We appreciate his resolute leadership and distinguished professional service. Personally, I have grown as a leader and have been guided by his seemingly endless words of wisdom and inspiration.  “We need to go slow to go fast,” he would often remind our Board. His advice rings true again as we are faced with his transition.

Finding our next Executive Director may be a challenge, but as Dr. Verdugo would put it, it is CALSA’s next “opportunity for success!”  Dr. Verdugo’s recent announcement has led the Board to discuss the creation of a selection process and to determine criteria for our next Executive Director.  Dr. Verdugo leaves big shoes to fill, but not without having established systems and strategic partnerships and secured resources for our next Executive Director to grow and redefine our present part-time Executive Director position.

The Board is targeting the Summer Institute or soon thereafter to complete a re-examination of the goals and expectations for the future of our Executive Director position.  By then we hope to also define the search and hiring process that will be followed. The Board will be interested in candidates familiar with and dedicated to advancing CALSA’s goals, mission and values.  The Board is open to candidates with other interests or employment, who possess organizational and leadership skills that would allow them to serve in a part-time Executive Director position. We anticipate desiring candidates with the vision and determination to grow the organization to eventually sustain a full-time Executive Director position.  More details about the process and timelines will be forthcoming. In the meantime, we ask our members and strategic partners to identify and encourage leaders you know to consider and apply to become CALSA’s next Executive Director.

The Board and I are optimistic that we will identify and select an Executive Director to guide us through our next phase of growth.  Dr. Verdugo’s inspiration and legacy will continue to guide us in this effort. We have been blessed and privileged to have gained so much from him.

Please join the Board and me in extending mil gracias to Dr. Verdugo.  Take time between now and at our Summer Institute to extend your hugs, well-wishes and appreciation to Dr. Verdugo. Make sure you are with the CALSA familia at the Summer Institute in beautiful San Diego to honor Dr. Verdugo with a proper and well-deserved farewell.


Dr. Jacqueline Perez
CALSA 2018-19 President