Please welcome José González, CALSA's Next Executive Director

CALSA’s Board of Directors is privileged and honored to announce Jose Gonzalez, Superintendent, Planada School District as its next Executive Director. Mr. Gonzalez is no stranger to CALSA. He is a member for almost 20 years, a CALSA protégé and mentor. Mr. Gonzalez has also served as a member of the CALSA board for over 9 years, having been appointed by Dr. Fernando Elizondo as a Regional Representative to the Board. He holds the distinction of being the first ever elected President of the CALSA Board.

In seeking the role of Executive Director, Mr. Gonzalez, articulated for the Board a leadership plan aligned with CALSA’s strategic goals. This level of preparation comes as no surprise from this highly recognized statewide Educational Leader. His plan is to elevate CALSA’s prominence as the advocate for the continued development and placement of Latino educational leaders who are committed to quality public education.

“I am passionate about providing the best education possible for students. As Executive Director, I look forward to working with the Board, a group of educational leaders who are creative thinkers, collaborative problem solvers, and responsible for shaping our children’s future,” said Gonzalez following his announcement at the 2019 CALSA Summer Institute.

We look forward to having Jose at head of the organization as our Executive Director. He is conscientious of the needs of our diverse community of educational leaders. He recognizes our past, is focused on addressing our immediate needs and will be trusted to drive our vision of excellence for the future.

The CALSA Familia welcomes Jose. We thank his wife, Maria and daughters and his District familia for supporting him on this journey with us.