November 28, 2015

Focus on Results





10th Annual Focus on Results Symposium

Intercontinental Clement Hotel, Monterey, CA

January 29-31, 2016



2016 marks the 10 year anniversary of our Focus on Results Symposium. The Symposium was originally designed to assist our K12 education corporate partners in providing valuable feedback on their programs and services through interactive focus groups. It has since morphed into a two day event unlike any other in the United States. Today, we provide the same focus group support but have also added Shark Tanks (with VC’s) and Interactive Speed Dating Sessions to the agenda. Depending on where you are as a company (start-up, pre-accelerating, post–accelerating or established growth), the Symposium can provide valuable insight on how to better penetrate the K12 education market, especially with the fastest rising demographic, the Latino population. You choose the strategy that best fits where you are in the growth of your company.

We have worked hard to establish the following benefits to all of our participating partners:

·    Access to the best and brightest administrators and venture capitalists in the state
·    Time to tell your story
·    Time to build relationships

Based on where you are as a company, maybe you are in start-up mode, than you may want to consider a 90 minute focus group with five of our administrators who you choose. Maybe you are post-accelerating and are ready to go to market, than you can decide between a shark tank and a speed date. These two sales and marketing opportunities allow you time to “pitch” or market your program or services to all 100 of our invited administrators and venture capitalists and receive valuable feedback.

The Symposium is by invitation only and provides suggestions and ideas to our educational partners, publishers, software companies and service providers to go back to the drawing board and build better programs and services that will help eliminate the achievement gap and provide equal access for all underrepresented children, especially our English Learners.

To sign up your company, please contact Tom Davis, Director of Business Development at or 619-607-2876. We look forward to seeing you in Monterey to help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

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